Jenil is the CEO of on-chain rewards platform Coinvise. He got into crypto during his sophomore years, after delving into research on algorithms such as Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

After working on an Airdrop tool, Jenil wanted to make it possible for people to airdrop tokens via a simply UI  interface, without having to know how to code. This was the initial idea behind Coinvise, before developing into an ecosystem of tools designed to help users handle and mange on chain-rewards.

Coinvise is platform designed to empower creators, communities, and platforms to easily create and manage their own tokens and NFTs, facilitating unique ways to engage with and reward their audiences. The platform supports a myriad of actions, including social media interactions, content creation, and participation in events, enabling users to earn rewards in the form of tokens or NFTs. This ecosystem not only nurtures loyalty and engagement but also opens up new avenues for monetization and community building.

Features and Innovations

Coinvise offers tools for executing airdrops and creating claim pages, allowing for the distribution of tokens or NFTs to community members based on their contributions or engagement. This feature supports a wide range of on-chain and off-chain actions, providing flexibility in how rewards are allocated.

What I thought was particularly interesting is the integration with various social media tools such as Twitter and Farcaster, where you can reword users that have completed certain actions on a social media  network.

With support for multiple EVM-compatible chains and plans to expand to networks like Solana, Coinvise is positioning itself as a versatile tool adaptable to the evolving blockchain landscape.

Looking ahead, Coinvise aims to introduce new features, expand its cross-chain capabilities, and explore innovative use cases for tokens and NFTs.

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